21 Best Japanese Toothpaste in 2024

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Finding the right toothpaste in a new place can be a bit overwhelming, right?
So many options, and who knows what they all do when you can’t even read the labels!

But no worries! I’ve done the research and found 21 best toothpastes, each with its own specialty—like whitening, fluoride protection, or gum care. You can find them at popular spots like
“Cocakara Fine,” “Don Quijote,” “Aeon,” and “Super Viva Home.”
or order them online
from Amazon or Rakuten.

With this handy guide, you can confidently navigate the dental care aisle and select the perfect toothpaste to maintain your oral health, no matter where in the world you find yourself.

Clinica Toothpaste

Toothpaste Japan

Clinica toothpaste is a fluoride toothpaste that comes in 2 refreshing flavors :
Mild Mint and Fresh Mint.

Its main features are:

Helps remove plaque with the cleaning agent TDS (sodium tetradescent sulfonate)
-It uses a highly adherent fluorine formula that makes fluorine stay for a long time and prevents stubborn teeth.

Average price: 148 ~ 168 yen


Clinica Advantage

Toothpaste Japan

This is a medicated toothpaste and it has3 flavors :
Soft Mint, Citrus Mint, and Cool Mint.

It’s a “Total Care Formula”:
– It has a high concentration of fluorine (1450ppm) and uses a formula that makes fluorine
stay on your teeth for a long time.
Helps remove plaque with the cleaning agent TDS (sodium tetradescent sulfonate)
Prevents overgrowth of bacteria, stubborn teeth, and breath odors 

*Not intended for children under 6 years old.

Average price: 244 ~258 yen

KAO Clear Clean Toothpaste

Toothpaste Japan

It has 3 flavors : Fresh Citrus, Natural Mint, Extra cool

This toothpaste has deforming granules (cleaning agents).

– Granules help remove dental plaque .
Contains fluoride to prevent tooth decay .
Prevents bad breath

Average price: 158 ~166 yen

KAO Clear Clean NEXTDENT Whitening

Toothpaste Japan

This is a whitening fluoride toothpaste and it comes in 2 flavors :
Apple Chamomille and Clear Mint.

Fluorine formula prevents tooth decay
Removes stains with Malic acid (cleaning aid), as well as tobacco residueand coffee stains.
Removes plaque with reset granules (cleaning agent)
Prevents bad breath

Average price: 238yen


Toothpaste Japan

This medicated toothpaste has 3 flavors :
Gentle Citrus (recommended for children), Pure Mint, and Extra Fresh.

Fluorine long-term adsorption formula that remains even after rinsing
and prevents tooth decay .
Textured granules (cleaning agent)help remove dental plaque .
Prevents bad breath
Prevents gingival inflammation

Average price: 238 ~ 248 yen

GUM Dental Paste

Toothpaste Japan

This toothpaste comes in 3 flavors :Regular, Refreshing, and Salty Mint.

Prevents bad breath
Sterilizes periodontal disease bacteria with medicinal ingredient CPC (Cetyplyridinium chloride)
Absorbs and removes bacterial fragments
Prevents inflammation, periodontal disease, gingivitis, and periodontitis .

Average price: 248 ~ 271 yen

LION Clinica Enamel Pearl Whitening Toothpaste

Toothpaste Japan

This whitening toothpaste comes in 3 flavors :
White Floral Mint, Fresh Citrus Mint, and Elder Flower Mint.

– Enamel care formula that helps maintain strong, shiny white teeth
Removes stains on the tooth surface and fine gaps. Removes tobacco tar
Removes plaque and prevents adhesion
Prevents bad breath
– It contains fluoride which promotes the remineralization of calcium
into the enamel and 
prevents tooth decay .

Average price: 298yen

SUNSTAR Ora2 me STAIN CLEAR Toothpaste

Toothpaste Japan

This toothpaste comes in 3 flavors : Natural Mint, Peach Leaf Mint, and Floral White Tea.

Removes stains on teeth, makes them harder to stick
Restores the original whiteness of teeth

Average price: 258 ~ 299 yen

Periodontal Disease Care

Toothpaste Japan

This toothpaste helps fight hypersensitivity, gingivitis, and periodontitis .

High-concentration fluoride (1450ppm) strengthens the tooth structure
and prevents tooth decay.
Prevents periodontal disease (gingival inflammation/periodontitis)
Prevents tooth stains due to hypersensitivity
Prevents bad breath

*Do not use if under 6 years old

Average price: 398 ~ 638yen

Sangi Apagard Smokin’

Toothpaste Japan

As the name suggests this toothpaste is for smokers.

Removes stains from smoking cigarettes .
Prevents growth of cavities.
Contains remineralizing agent nano mHap.
Removes dental plaque.
Fills and repairs micro-scratches on the surface of the teeth.

Average price: 880 ~ 1280yen

KAO Clear Premium Whitening

Toothpaste Japan

This whitening toothpaste comes in 3 flavors :
Pearl Mint, Premium Mint, and Prime Mint.

Whiten your teeth
Contains high concentration fluoride (1450ppm)
Contains deep clear ingredients that make it easy to lift and remove fixed deposits.
Removes dullness and makes teeth glossy, beautiful, and white.

*Do not use if under 6 years old

Average price: 478 ~ 538yen

Lion Dentist Check-up Standard

Toothpaste Japan

This toothpaste is commonly seen in dental clinics.
I found it available at Don Quijote.

– It has antibacterial ingredients that allow your gum to heal
High fluorine concentration (1459ppm) allows small cavities to heal

Average price: 550yen

Sistema Dental Plus Toothpaste

Toothpaste Japan

This medicated toothpaste focuses on the health of your gums

High concentration of fluorine (1450ppm)
Prevents cavities
Prevents periodontal disease

No colorants have been added.

Average price: 532 ~ 548 yen

Ora2 Premium Cleansing Paste

Toothpaste Japan

This toothpaste comes in 2 flavors : Premium Mint and Aromatic Mint.
It can be used once a week for intensive whitening care.

– Contains a high concentration of stain-removing ingredient (cleaning agent)
Removes stains and unpleasant odors

Average price: 532 ~ 548 yen

Sunstar Gum Pro Care

Toothpaste Japan

This toothpaste is recommended for people who want to prevent periodontal disease .

– Prevents periodontal disease by strengthening the gums from the inside
Sterilizes periodontal disease bacteria
Promotes blood circulation in the gums with Vitamin E
Helps your metabolism and activates your gums with Vitamin B6
Contains high concentration fluoride (1450ppm)

Average price: 698yen

Shumitekuto PRO Enamel

Toothpaste Japan

This toothpaste focuses on damage to teeth caused by acids.

Strengthens the enamel with fluorine (1450ppm) and prevents tooth decay .
Prevents stains
Whitens your teeth

*Do not use if under 6 years old

Average price: 730yen

LION Brillant More

Toothpaste Japan

This whitening toothpaste comes in 3 flavors:
Natural Peppermint, Apricot Mint, Citrus Mint

Helps fight stains from red wine, coffee, tobacco
– Sodium pyrophosphate lifts the stain from the surface of the teeth with the power of ions
Sterilizes the bacteria that cause bad breath
Promotes remineralization of teeth

Average price: 950yen

Nadeshiko Hamigaki (Ishizawa Laboratory)

Toothpaste Japan

This toothpaste contains baking soda and plant-derived ingredients to make your teeth
white and bright. It has a fresh peppermint taste !

Helps remove plaque and tar from your teeth
Removes the yellowness of teeth!

Average price: 1200yen

Weltec Concool Gelcoat F

Toothpaste Japan

This medical toothpaste has various antibacterial ingredients

Promotes remineralization of the teeth
Sterilizes oral bacteria such as periodontal disease bacteria
Removes the cause of tartar and removes dirt on the tooth surface
Prevents tooth decay and bad breath


Average price: 980 ~ 1000yen

Sangi Apagard Premio Premium Type Whitening

Toothpaste Japan

This toothpaste has a higher than standard nano mHap content
for whitening and caries prevention!

Removes dental plaque
Absorbs bacteria that cause dull teeth
Helps smooth the surface of the teeth making it less likely to reattach plaque and stains
Contains remineralizing agent nano mHap to prevent the growth of cavities
Fills and repairs micro-scratches on the surface of the teeth

Average price: 1280 ~ 1480yen

Smile Cosmetique Whitening Toothpaste

Toothpaste Japan

This  toothpaste makes your teeth brighter!

The ion component cleans dirt from the teeth
White powder removes dirt on the tongue (coated tongue)
Prevents bad breath
Restores the original whiteness of the teeth

Average price: 1300yen


BONUS: Perfect for travel, toothpaste in tablet form!

Forsta Oral Tablet

I don’t know about you but I don’t like taking regular-size toothpaste on trips…
It’s heavy, big and I definitely won’t finish it during my trip so I would have to bring it back home.

When I discovered Första Oral Tablet on Amazon I loved the idea so much!
Not only is it compact and lightweight, great for travel but it is also eco-friendly!
Plus, it can be used both as a toothpaste and as a mouthwash!!

– Removes plaque
– Whitens your teeth
– Prevents tooth decay, bad breath, tooth stains and periodontal disease
– Fluorine free /Bleach free/ Preservative free / Mineral oil free

Uses natural ingredients

60 tablets / 1,998 yen (tax included)
Refreshing flavor

BONUS: A pack for your teeth

Toothpaste Japan

Why don’t you try  Smile Cosmetique Teeth White Pack ?

The 3-Minutes White Care restores the original whiteness and gloss of the teeth

Easy to use! Just place the whitening strip directly on your teeth.

Average price: 1500yen

BONUS: Daily Teeth Essence!

Toothpaste Japan

Nature Lab TO BE WHITE ESSENCE PREMIUM is a very concentrated essence
that whitens your teeth with a single drop!

– Removes colored stains, tar, and plaque
– Contains plant-based ingredient honeysuckle pro extract
that removes dirt and restores the original white teeth

It can be used once a day. No abrasives, colorants or parabens.

Average price: 2480yen

BONUS: My go-to lately

Shirora Toothpaste

Shirora Toothpaste is available in 4 flavors: Jasmine Mint, Lemon Mint, Apple Chamomile and
Berry Mint and is specially designed for whitening and breath care.

It’s formulated with a kaolin clay with excellent adhesion.
Fine particles remove dirt and germs from teeth

– Whiten your teeth
– Prevents breath odor, dull teeth, and dental deposits
– Purifies the mouth
– Removes dental plaque

6 Free Prescriptions; Abrasive; Fluorine; Mineral Oil; Paraben; Silicone; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (hypoallergenic formula)

100g ¥1,320 (tax included)
You can find it in stores like LOFT, HANDS, Don Quijote…



Finding the perfect toothpaste is key. It’s worth trying a variety to pinpoint the perfect match
for your needs. I genuinely hope this article has provided valuable insights
to assist you in your decision-making process.



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