What to see in Strasbourg?


Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, is a beautiful city near the German border.
Rich in a historic center declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Strasbourg can be easily visited on foot, by bicycle, or even by boat.

Trainline WW

How many days does it take to visit Strasbourg?

The tourist spots are concentrated in the old city, so you can visit the city of Strasbourg in 1 day.

Using the TGV high-speed train, day trips to nearby cities are also possible
like Paris, Basel, Frankfurt…

Strasbourg Central Station [Gare de Strasbourg]

Gare de Strasbourg

Strasbourg central train station is where the old meets the new.
Indeed, the architect Jean-Marie Duthilleul designed a glass room that envelops the historic
building of the station. This glass dome design won the 2008 Brunel Award.

French high-speed trains such as TGV and German high-speed trains such as ICE leave from the station. It also allows excellent access to the city of Strasbourg by metro A-D and tram.

Gare de Strasbourg

Address: 20 Place de la Gare, 67000, Strasbourg

Getting around the city, transport and tickets

Getting around Strasbourg is very simple, the historic center can be reached on foot or by tram.

As we had planned a couple of train/bus trips during the three days in Strasbourg,
we stayed close to the station

Gare de Strasbourg

From Strasbourg central station, take tram A or D to Place de la Clebert,
in the heart of the historic center, get off at the “Homme de Fer” stop, from there you can visit
all the attractions and the shopping street.

Gare de Strasbourg

Automatic ticket machines are present in every tram station.

How much is a ticket?

Single ticket € 1.80
24-hour ticket (for 1 person) € 4.60
24-hour ticket (for 2-3 people) € 6.90
10 tickets for 1 person € 14.10

For more information, visit the official website of the CTS.

Tickets can also be bought in the tram, but it is more expensive.

  • 1-ticket (single ticket) €2.00

 Strasbourg Strasbourg Tcket

* The 24-hour ticket is valid as soon as you stamp it.
This is a shopping district, where there are department stores like
“Galeries Lafayette” and “PRINTEMPS”, but also branded stores and fast fashion stores.

Kleber Square [Place Kléber]

Place Kléber, Strasbourg

Kleber Square is the main square in the center of the old town.
In the square is the statue of Jean-Baptiste Kleber, a glorious figure of the city.

From Kleber Square to Gutenberg Square …
Make your way to the cathedral as you enjoy the shop windows.

Address: 2 Rue de l’Outre, 67000 Strasbourg, France

Gutenberg Square [Place Gutenberg]

Place Gutenberg, Strasbourg

Gutenberg Square is located near the Strasbourg Cathedral.

In the center of the square is the statue of the printer Gutenberg holding a parchment.

Behind the statue, is the Neue Bau, the former Strasbourg City Hall, and
now the Alsace Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Address: Place Gutenberg, 67000 Strasbourg

Strasbourg Cathedral [Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg]

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

From the square, go to the cathedral.
The magnificent Strasbourg Cathedral is visible in the center of the buildings!

This is an illustrious example of Vosges sandstone construction.
This stone gives it the reddish color that also characterizes other buildings such as
the Basel Cathedral.

It is a Gothic building, and its construction was extended for three centuries, from 1176 to 1439.

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

The cathedral is 142m high and is the tallest cathedral in France.

The outside is certainly impressive and characteristic but its inside is simply amazing!

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Divided into three naves, surrounded by wonderful stained glass windows.
The natural light entering through the stained glass windows makes the cathedral even more beautiful.

The stained glass windows date back to the 12th and 14th centuries.

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Address: Place de la Cathedral, 67000
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 08: 30-11: 15/12: 45-17: 45
Sunday: from 14 to 17:15
▶ At the entrance there is an inspection of the bags
Price: free
Official site

Rohan Palace [Palais des Rohan]

Plais des Rohan, Strasbourg

The Rohan Palace, near the cathedral, was built as
residence of the bishop of Strasbourg in the 18th century.

Currently, it houses three different museums:
– The Musée des arts décoratifs, which exhibits collections of ceramics, watches and furniture.
– The Musée des beaux-arts which houses paintings from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century.
– The Musée Archéologique, covers the entire history of ancient Alsace,
from Prehistory to the Early Middle Ages.

Plais des Rohan, Strasbourg

Address: 2 Place de la Château, 67000
Opening hours: 10 – 18
Closed: Monday / Tuesday
Official site


The place where you can see these half-timbered houses is Petite France.
About 15 minutes walk from the historic center


Head to the pier and explore Strasbourg through its canals

Boat tour “Batorama”

BATORAMA, Strasbourg

Batorama offers two different circuits:
– 1h10, 8 km
– 45 minutes, 4 km

We chose the 1h10 one. From the city center to the European Parliament, passing through the imperial quarter of Neustadt, discover Strasbourg from a unique perspective!

Audio guide in various languages ​​is included.

Ticket vending machines are installed at Loan Palace Pier,
You can buy in advance by selecting the desired time and type of boat.

▶ There are two types of boats:

– with air conditioner and glass
– without air conditioner, outdoors, without glass

BATORAMA, Strasbourg

Arrivals and departures of the boat at the dock near the Rohan palace.

We chose an air-conditioned boat. Despite this, it was still hot because of the strong sun.

BATORAMA, Strasbourg
Next time, I will choose the outdoor boat to be able to take better photos, without reflection.
BATORAMA, Strasbourg

Address: Place du Vieux Marché aux Poissons
First departure: 10:45 / Last departure: 19:30
Price: € 14
Official site

Hotel in Strasbourg

If you plan to use Strasbourg as a base to travel by train or bus, we recommend that you stay in hotels near the station. In this area, 3-4 star hotels are reasonably priced.

The hotel where we stayed is “Hotel Vendome“.

Hotel Vendome Strasbourg Strasbourg

The room was clean, air conditioned and there was free W-Fi.
From the window of the room, you could see the station and enjoy the view at different
hours of the day and night.

In conclusion

Strasbourg is a beautiful city with a mix of German and French culture.

It is in an advantageous location, why not take a trip to Strasbourg from Paris or Frankfurt?

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