Exploring Mannheim and Nearby Towns


I have to admit, I had never heard of Mannheim until recently. It turns out that it is
a large city with a population of over 345,000 inhabitants, known as a “university city

Now, Mannheim might not have a ton of tourist hotspots, but it’s a super important railway hub.
That means it’s the perfect base for visiting nearby cities such as charming Heidelberg,
bustling Stuttgart, or even vibrant Frankfurt.

Even if you’re just passing through, Mannheim is definitely worth a stroll for a few hours!
You’ll find some hidden gems and get a feel for this lively city.

From Strasbourg to Mannheim

strasbourg central station

After exploring Strasbourg, we decided to visit nearby cities in Germany.
Mannheim, just an hour and a half away, caught our attention because of its location.

We originally planned to take a bus to get there, but it got canceled at the last minute…

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Fortunately, we managed to book a TGV train instead.

The double-decker train had comfy seats and lots of space for our bags,
making our journey to Mannheim both pleasant and quick.


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Mannheim Central Station [Mannheim Hbf]

Mannheim station

Mannheim Hbf is a major German railway station bustling with activity, including a variety
of long-distance routes. It’s easy to get around with escalators to the platforms, making it
convenient for travelers with big bags. Inside, you’ll find supermarkets, pharmacies,
department stores, cafes, and restaurants, making it a comfortable place to wait or grab a bite.


Outside the station, there’s a large platform for trams and buses, making it easy to travel around
the city. You can buy tickets from vending machines before boarding—they accept credit cards too.

Mannheim Castle [Schloss Mannheim]

Mannheim university

Mannheim Castle, built in the 18th century in baroque style, is now home to a university
and is open to visitors. It’s the only castle in Germany that serves as a university campus.

Address: Bismarckstraße, 68161 Mannheim
Access: take tram 1,5 or 15 and get off at Universität
Opening Hours: 10 – 17
Price: € 8
Official site

Jesuit Church [Jesuitenkirche]

The Jesuit Church, a Catholic church completed between 1738 and 1760, is located
just a short 5-minute walk from Mannheim Castle.

Jesuitenkirche, Mannheim

Inside, the church impresses with its spacious layout decorated in luxurious marble
and gold decorations, all crafted in the late Baroque style.

Jesuitenkirche, Mannheim

A delicate pipe organ graces the upper floor, its music adding a mysterious ambiance
to the church’s atmosphere.

Jesuitenkirche, Mannheim

Address: A4 2, 68159 Mannheim
Opening Hours: 09 – 18:30
Listen on YouTube

Friedrichsplatz and Water Tower [Mannheimer Wasserturm]

Mannheimer Wasserturm

Mannheim’s iconic Water Tower, constructed from 1886 to 1889 on Friedrichsplatz,
stands at a height of 60 meters and holds 2,000 tons of water.

Mannheimer Wasserturm

You can climb stairs to the tower’s terrace for beautiful views and photo opportunities.
Surrounding the tower, the park boasts well-kept flower beds leading to a large fountain.

Mannheimer Wasserturm

On the other side of Friedrichsplatz, there’s a lively shopping area with popular stores like
ZARA, Primark, Bershka, and H&M, as well as shopping malls. It’s a great place for
a relaxing walk or some shopping.

Address: Friedrichsplatz, 68165 Mannheim
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Hotels in Mannheim

IntercityHotel Mannheim IntercityHotel Mannheim

We stayed at the IntercityHotel Mannheim, conveniently located opposite the station.
The hotel was new, clean, and well-equipped with amenities like WiFi, a kettle, and a fridge.
Its central location and reasonable price made it a great choice for us.

One of the main reasons we chose this hotel (although I’m not sure if they still offer this) was because it included a complimentary transport ticket. This ticket covered travel in Mannheim
and Heidelberg, adding extra value to our stay.

If you’re traveling by train or long-distance bus from Mannheim, staying near the
central station is highly recommended for convenience.

Mannheim’s strategic location makes it an excellent base for exploring nearby cities like Heidelberg and Frankfurt. It only takes 13 minutes by train to reach Heidelberg, and
around 40 minutes by ICE or TGV to get to Frankfurt.

To avoid the hassle of moving our luggage daily, we opted to stay two nights in a Mannheim hotel. This gave us a full day to explore Frankfurt without needing to change hotels.
Plus, it helped us save money, as hotels in Frankfurt tend to be quite expensive.

In just 6 days, we traveled through 4 cities across 3 countries (Basel, Mannheim, Strasbourg, Frankfurt). Curious about our experience in Strasbourg?
Click here to read more!

Travel Choices to Frankfurt: FLIXBUS and TGV

Flixbus station Mannheim

We chose to travel to Frankfurt with FLIXBUS, enjoying a comfortable 1 hour and 25-minute journey at a cost of only €4.99 per person.

For the return trip, we opted for the TGV train, which whisked us back in just 40 minutes.
The train ticket was €38.40 per person for second class, offering a quick and efficient way
to conclude our journey.

[FLIXBUS bus terminal]
Address: Heinrich-von-Stephan-Straße, 68157 Mannheim

Locating the Flixbus terminal was a bit tricky with unclear bus information.
I suggest arriving early to navigate it smoothly.

Watch on YouTube how to buy tickets online

In conclusion

To wrap up, while Mannheim itself isn’t packed with tourist sights, its central location
makes it perfect for exploring nearby towns. If you’re flying in, consider using
Karlsruhe-Baden-Baden airport, about 53 km from Strasbourg and 106 km from Mannheim,
which often offers budget-friendly flights, especially with airlines like Ryanair.
It’s a convenient starting point for discovering the delights of southwestern Germany and beyond.

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