Ready to Land | Travel & Lifestyle Blog

Ready to Land was born in 2018 thanks to the passion for travel shared with my mom.
Traveling has always been part of our lives, in fact since I was a child I got on many planes
both to visit my family in Japan, but also to go on vacation in various European cities.
Starting from 2016, a real passion for travel was born, in fact, I took my first plane alone at 15 for
a study abroad in England. That experience helped me a lot to open up to new experiences,
take interest in more things and make myself more independent. Since 2017, our travels around Europe have begun, all low-cost.

In this blog, we will mainly tell about the trips made around Europe and Japan.

We will recommend itineraries, hotels, tours and share suggestions, curiosities, tips, and important information before departure. Traveling low-cost is possible, however, you must inform yourself and book in advance.

So, are you READY TO LAND?



Ready to Land